Well now, it appears to be April. So despite there not being a huge amount going on here this month it is time for a little sneak peak into my Instagram account to see what’s been going on over here, there and everywhere in the last month.

The biggest part of my month was taken up on a fantastic holiday. Not only did we go to the hilarious and amazing wedding of two of my friends in Washington D.C., but I also saw friends in New Jersey, spent a chilly couple of days in Baltimore, messed around in D.C., and did a 6 day road trip involving some 1,400 miles across Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana (including stops in the Blue Ridge Parkway, Nashville, Graceland – yup, that classy – Natchez, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, to name a few). Not only is it an incredibly beautiful and diverse place to do a road trip, there’s also loads of AMAZING food. Including these, some spectacular BBQ ribs. (To clarify, this was split between 3 of us, I’m not that much of a pig).

BBQ Ribs in Nashville

I’ve now become a little bit obsessed with New Orleans and Nashville – I even now don’t cringe at the prospect of country music. To celebrate having far too much fun in both these cities – I’m now the sort-of-proud owner of a pair of cowboy boots and can legitimately say I’ve seen a band called The Trailer Park Allstars in a honky tonk bar (with their ‘hit’, ‘I’d Like to Thank my Mama and Budweiser’ – I kid you not) – I thought I’d go with something suitably tacky, but also still hilarious. It’s a pity I didn’t take more food photos, or of the Garden District in New Orleans, because they’re more visually arresting, but this still cracks me up.


Finally, I actually got round to making some proper food this month. On the 30th. My Crunchie-laced chocolate torte will feature on the blog soon, but in the mean time here’s what happens when you hit Crunchies with a wine bottle (I still haven’t bought a rolling pin).


That’s about all for March, normal service shall resume in April. In the mean time, wish I was here…