Taking a shot from the hip, halfway down Buchanan Street, on a Saturday afternoon wondering if when the heavens are going to open is not a particularly regular occurrence in my life, but is where I found myself a couple of Saturdays ago.

It’d started a couple of weeks previous when I’d got an email asking if I wanted to join a group of other bloggers in Glasgow’s Millennium Hotel on George Square for a photography course with Stuart Dreghorn. Since Glasgow is really not that far away and I’ve spent a lot of time going back and for there lately anyway I thought it would be a good idea – I know a bit about photography, but it’s all self-taught through trial and error, but having someone explain it to you and give it a practical context is always handy.

We focused on some of the basics and most useful ‘getting out of auto’ skills, focusing on technique rather than being told how our composition should be. It was a great day for jargon busting and meeting some new people, and the hotel’s newly finished refurbishment looked good as well (including the ‘Scottish themed buffet’ they put on for our lunch). Perhaps tweaking the session to be more on still or indoor photography than action shots (designed with the Commonwealth Games being in Glasgow and all) would have made the day even better given that the vast majority of bloggers invited were either food or fashion writers; nonetheless, it was definitely a fun day and worth the trip through west.


DSC_0257 1DSC_0333



Thanks to JoeBloggers and the Millennium Hotel for organising the event and my invite.