Hello and welcome to The Usual Saucepans!

This blog is about my ongoing culinary adventures – both the successful and those that might need a little more practicing.

I live and work in Edinburgh, love all things chocolate, cake, gin, wine and cheese related. I love cooking, baking and consuming what I (or others) have made. I also seriously value sharing quality food, drink and time with those that I am close to.

My favourite kind of cooking is baking — so there is bound to be a lot of that on here — but I also love the whole process of making a meal. There will also be lots and lots of cheese, and over the winter prepare to see soup on a regular basis. If you object to the consumption of, or cooking with, booze, then you are in the wrong place, my friend, as this will most likely be happening on a regular basis. I’m also slightly addicted to cookbooks, just so you know.Icing on the side of a cake

I don’t subscribe to pompous or pretentious cooking – food should be made for the sole purpose of consumption by yourself and/or others. So there will be nothing on this blog that I wouldn’t want to eat myself, or share with others. I do believe in living in a fairly sustainable manner – not in a hippy or evangelical way, for starters I wash and wouldn’t ever dream of preaching to someone about where or what they buy – and sourcing food in a way that benefits us all; I love local, seasonal food and have fairly strong views on fisheries and what sort of fish I buy.

It would probably be worth adding that I am not professional in the slightest, so if there are little issues with photos or recipes I apologise, but please don’t crucify me over them.

So welcome to my foodie adventures, please let me know what you think.