Mulled Beer!

Mulled Beer

I suppose the responsible thing to do here would be to tell you to drink only in moderation because alcohol is bad, or something dull like that. But I’m sure you’re capable of knowing that yourself. I adapted my recipe from one I found on the GQ website and the beer I used – First World Problems – is from the wonderful Stewart Brewing (although I am sure any decent IPA will do, or even something less hoppy if you’re not so keen on the hoppy goodness). Serves 2, with top ups.



Put all the ingredients in a large pan over a gentle heat (you want it to warm slowly, not boil fast, or it will be more bitter). Gently stir so that everything is evenly mixed.

Leave for 5-10 minutes (a lot depends on the pan you use) until it is warmed through, the honey is melted and there is steam coming off the top.

Put through a sieve to catch the cloves, cinnamon, etc. and then serve in mugs or glasses with handles in front of a fire.