Packed Lunch

Lunch Doesn’t Have to be Boring

16 Apr 2014  


As someone that works in an office I’m regularly faced with the dilemma of what to have for lunch. It’s not the hardest problem in the world, I grant you, but the fact that I work in a city centre packed full of sandwich shops, multiple patisserie and other ‘lunchable’ options makes it both easier and harder (I know, hard to be me, right?) And also hits the back pocket – and not like someone in an Asda advert. some…



How Do You Like Your Tart? Chrunchie?

14 Apr 2014  

Crunchie Tart

Like a fair amount of places, our office has a tradition that people bring in some form of baked goods or treats on their birthday. Since my birthday (a week or two ago now, just a little behind in writing) was a Saturday I considered pulling the ‘I wasn’t in on my birthday’ card, but since that’s not really in the spirit of it, and it’s an excuse for spending a little time in the kitchen I decided to go for it. But not to bake – to make a tart. some…

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Instagrammers Anonymous

Instgrammers Anonymous: Ribs n’ Spurs

2 Apr 2014  


Well now, it appears to be April. So despite there not being a huge amount going on here this month it is time for a little sneak peak into my Instagram account to see what’s been going on over here, there and everywhere in the last month. some…

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Dinner in a Hurry,Mains

Chicken with Chilli & Lime: Dinner in a Hurry

27 Mar 2014  

Chicken Chilli & Lime

There’s always so much to do. Rarely a moment of peace, and it appears going on holiday for two and a half weeks exasibates this situation. Yes, despite being back from holiday now for a little over a week I’ve utterly neglected the blog. With so much to catch up on there hasn’t  felt like a minute to do it – I’ve not even sorted through all my photos yet, with the snaps from the road trip languishing in iPhoto totally unseen. some…

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Instagrammers Anonymous

Instagrammers Anonymous: Feb-What?

1 Mar 2014  

February - The Usual Saucepans

For some reason the fact that February is 2 or 3 days shorter than the other months of the year really makes a huge difference. It shouldn’t, I know, but it certainly feels like it does. Either way, the month has now passed and it is time to recap what became a very busy month, via my little obsession with Instagram. some…



A Melting Centre

25 Feb 2014  

Chocolate Melting Centre

Rich, dark and delicious. Indulgent, some would say naughty. A rare treat, and somewhat surprisingly smothered in Nutella. But Ultimately heavenly.


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Baking,Baking with Booze

When Life Gives You Lemons…

17 Feb 2014  

lemon, ginger and gin cake

I had one of those moments the other day – those moments when you just want some cake. Well, there’s only one thing I like to do in those moments, and that is to go make some sort of sponge. some…

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Dinner in a Hurry,Mains

Philly Cheesesteak at Home

14 Feb 2014  

Cheesesteak - The Usual Saucepans

From Sachertorte in Vienna, to fresh pineapple in Antigua via many other delicacies, I’ve had the good fortune to try out many a local favourite in the places I’ve visited around the world. So when I was in the US towards the end of last year it’s probably unsurprising that I decided to try out a few local delicacies. some…

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