The Beer's Knees

You know how I mentioned those long lazy autumnal sunsets in the Tomato Crumble post the other day? Well I half-watched one the other day whilst having dinner with my family. It was pretty glorious.

That’s completely beside the point and you probably couldn’t care less if you tried, but it’s a nice little intro to the idea of beer cocktails, because it was the perfect moment for one.

Now, I am sure there are beerheads with bushy beards and Guns and Roses t-shirts that need a wash who would give the sort of disdainful look to the idea of beer in a cocktail as they would to the notion of a glass of rosé. But I don’t think we should care overly much about them. We have apparently passed out of the age of hipster and into the époque of Yuccies and ‘Nouveau Bro’ (no seriously, I read it on Mashable, Buzzfeed and in GQ emails, so it must be true), so it’s time we all started making beer cocktails.

The Beer's Knees

Oh wait, I did this last year. Yeah, I was, like, totally doing it before it was cool.

Back then it was the Hop, Skip and Go Naked, today it is The Beer’s Knees (see what they did there?); but both rest on the idea that whilst beer is delicious by itself, it is also great when you add other treats to it. And by ‘treats’ I do, of course, mean gin.

So whether you are taking advantage of the early autumn sunshine at the weekend or, like I was, binge-watching Netflix with a friend, it’s time to crack open a beer and start making cocktails. Wearing gingham shirts or pink is optional.

The Beer's Knees

The Beers Knees

This recipe is a variation on various other versions of it I found online. You can make it with flavourless lagers like most recipes suggest, but I would go with a weisse beer so it actually tastes of something. It is deliberately written in proportions, because it makes it easier to scale – if you’re looking for a base unit, say 1 part is 25ml – best served in a schooner (2/3 pint) or large tumbler. 


1 part gin (Tanqueray, or similar)
0.5 honey
0.5 water
0.5 fresh lemon juice
Weiss beer (approx. 150ml)


Pour your honey, lemon juice and water in a shaker or tumbler, mix slightly then add the gin and combine fully. If you’re using a glass, chopsticks are excellent for this sort of stirring.

Fill your schooner 3/4 of the way with ice cubes, pour your gin mix over the ice and then top off with the beer. Garnish with slice of lemon, or similar.